Friday, June 29, 2012

some things never change

i know.... don't everyone pass out...  yes, it's really me.  i've been thinking about starting back and well, after some, *ahem* friendly pressure to return.. here i am!

so, let's just pretend like i haven't been away for the past ummm what 4 years?? greeeaaat!!!

not much has changed, but at the same time, soooo much has changed!! the craziness still runs rampant in my house.  i find myself thinking "is this really my life??" quite often.  and sometimes i even look at my kids like they have 3 heads.  some days i feel like i have 3 heads honestly.  some days i say the same exact phrase 4523 times.  some days i am reduced to tears several times.  some days i can't stop laughing.  some days my house is a disaster.  some days my house is clean.... yeah. who are we kidding on that one....  some days i stay in the car.  some days my husband says it looks like i live in my car.  not nice.  some days i would like a vacation.  some days my husband says my life IS a vacation.  again, not nice...probably true, but not nice. some days the noise in my house is so loud i have to go outside for a few minutes just to gather my thoughts! some days the laundry has piled up so much from 6 people that it actually scares me. no kidding.  some days i look around and i am literally overwhelmed with gratefulness for my life.  see... some things don't change at all...