Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Say What?

These are some things that I swore I would NEVER say(or even think or do) that my mom used to say all the time.  Every time I say one of them, I can still hear her voice in my head...and then mine quickly spins around...

  1. You need to go make your bed!  To which I would reply "why? I'm just going to get back in it in a few hours!!  Can't I just close the door?"  Now, every morning, I say the SAME thing to my 7 yr old, seeing as how it is his responsibility to make up his bed AND his brothers bed (Wyatt is learning, people.)  I have a twitch all day if I leave the house with my bed unmade. Thanks, mom...
  2. Turn out the lights when you leave the room! I never understood the big deal...until I had to pay the bills. And truth be told, I still have a small problem with this one from time to time.
  3. Turn on the light if you're gonna read that book! You can't read in the dark! Need I say more?
  4. Is there something you are looking for in the fridge?
  5. Don't just stand there with the fridge door open! I am not cooling the neighborhood! Lord, help my kids..
  6. Also, Shut the door! You're letting all the cool air out!!
  7. This room looks like a bomb went off! Most of the time, it has... Their names are Jackson, Wyatt, and Mallory.
  8. There could be a dead body in here (referring to the toy box) and we would never know it!
  9. Were you born in a barn? I don't know... weren't you there???
  10. You'll eat it and like it... Wha?
  11. That's an oldie, but a goodie! Except now when I say it, I am referring to Bon Jovi, not the Supremes!
  12. after a beating... Okay, dry it up, that's enough crying!
  13. Don't make me pull this car over! And by the way...I have...several times...in the median.
So how about it?  What kind of things do YOU say that your mom used to say?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Not Me! Monday Edition 2


So here it is again...Monday.  In case you missed it, MckMama is hosting a great blog carnival called Not Me Monday!  So here's my list of the things that I did NOT do this past week...

I did NOT spend 4 days at the beach doing absolutely NOTHING but laying on the beach ALL day long until the little man would come to get our cushions. Absolutely, no way, NOT ME!

I did NOT get halfway to the gym last week and realize that I had not brushed my teeth, but went anyway. NOT ME!

I did NOT get a good look at my armpits also while at the gym and wondered when the last time they had seen a razor. NOT ME!

I did NOT see my son peeing in the yard and was just glad it wasn't in his pants. NOT ME!

I did NOT throw my sons dirty soccer uniform into the dryer with TWO dryer sheets because I realized the night before I left for the beach that I had not washed it, and he was going to need it while I was gone...NOT ME! I am a WAY better mom than that!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Opening Night

It's opening night for Fireproof and we are so very excited to see what God will do in the lives of people and in the many homes that are under attack today. I hope that we will all be able to have an opportunity to go and see it this weekend. It is important that the movie have a good opening weekend because that will determine how long the movie will run. It has been exciting and humbling to be able to be a part of a church that God has used in this way! Once you go see the movie, LET ME KNOW!!! Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of the movie or how it impacted you.
Now go...see the movie...take a friend...or two...or more...log on to fandango...go...now!!!

Friday Thankful

My Friday Thankful today, is that I am sitting here typing this to you from my sista's laptop while I am on my balcony at the beach. Once a year I go to the beach with my mother-in-law, and all 3 of my sister-n-laws and my other beloved sister (long story that I don't have time to get into right now). No kids, no men, no makeup... We hit the beach from the time that the sun hits our chairs and stay there till the man comes to get our cushions, coming in only to eat and then heading immediately back out. We read and we talk and we share the iPods and we apply the sunscreen for each other and we remind each other to flip over. We debate about going out to eat and then we decide we would rather have a PB&J and just stay in our bathing suits and enjoy the beach.

And now that I have used some of my precious sun time to post this for you all...I am going back downstairs to begin the second half of my day of tanning! Happy Tanfest Yall!! (And yes I do have sunscreen on)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fireproof and Dr Phil???

Yes, you heard me correctly.  Fireproof and Dr Phil now go hand in hand.  I have mentioned before that we have recently finished our 3rd movie and it is set to release in theaters THIS Friday, September 26th.  And, even though as a church family, we got the privilege of seeing it early...I am still so very excited!!  Tonight was the last night of ReFresh and let me tell you..God did not disappoint.  Michael gave us a quick run down of a few things that the Lord had been at work on and I was just overwhelmed.  Last night there were 46--46 decisions made, 30 of them for salvation, 21 of those baptized.  Tonight we had 12 more baptized at the beginning of the service, 2 more at the end of the service, I am not sure how many got up and made decisions at the end of tonights service.  But...in the kids service (this is so great I am almost coming out of my skin.  I mean I am bouncing up and down in my chair...literally)  8 kids accepted Christ!!!!  And guess who was one of them????  JACKSON!!!!!!  I prayed all afternoon that the Lord would just begin to work on his little heart.  And if it wasn't real that he would stay in his seat.  Not just go forward cause some friends did or whatever or cause he was scared to burn forever(although a low motive is better than NO motive :) ) but that he would be able to recognize in his own way that he is a sinner in need of Jesus.  Our children's minister said that Jack was one of the very first ones up.  And so, Frank talked to him some more to make sure that he understood his decision.  We are very grateful to the Lord for ALL He has done this week.

But now, what about Dr Phil? you ask.  I'm getting to that.  (Bear with me...I'm still very excited from this evening and I am trying to tell you everything and my thoughts are jumping all over the place!!!)  Michael (that's our pastor BTW) also said that they showed the movie to a firehouse in New York City last night and 17 of the firemen gave their lives to Christ when it was over!! Can you BELIEVE that??!?  God is AWESOME!!

Anyway, ALL of that to say that TODAY, Thursday, at 5pm on whatever channel Dr Phil comes on in your area, our pastor Michael Catt, Alex Kendrick (who wrote the movie and also goes to our church), and Kirk Cameron (who plays in the movie) will be on Dr Phil talking about the movie.  Now...the show is NOT JUST about the movie.  This is what Michael was excited about.  The show is entitled  Fireproof Your Marriage.  Howda like that?!  Michael said he wouldn't give it all away, wouldn't tell us what all happened, that we would have to watch and see for ourselves, but he did say that he almost felt like he was in a church service.  What??  On DR PHIL?  On TV?  Yes.  Apparently, there are some guests on the show that are having marital problems, and some are even firefighters, and Michael said that it was just a GREAT show.  So, I hope that everyone will take the opportunity to tune in and watch it...even though I know it's in the middle of Happy Hour!!

And I hope that you all will make it a point to go and see Fireproof when it comes out on Friday.  Better yet, take some friends with you Marriages are under attack today.  I pray that God will use this movie as a catalyst to help marriages and families all over to get back on the right track.  


Get Real

Last night at ReFresh, I can not explain what happened.  The Holy Spirit was there.  It was real.  Both of the speakers basically called us to take a look in the mirror and make sure that we haven't been fooling ourselves into believing that we had eternal salvation.  They called for the ones who had been wrestling with doubting their salvation to put away fear and pride and wrestle no more.  What happened after that could only be explained by a true moving of the Holy Spirit.  And I am so grateful that I was there to see it myself.  One by one people started getting up.  Some I did not know.  Others I did.  They began to get baptized.  While the baptisms were going on, others were still getting up!  And just when you thought they were done, someone from the back would say "Wait!!  There's one more!!" or "Wait a minute!!  There's two more coming!!!"  It was truly incredible.  I can honestly say I was moved beyond words.

You know, we all come in church most Sundays with our "church" faces on.  Smiling at each other like we have it all together.  I smile at you that way because you smile at me that way and I think you have it all together so I want you to think the same about me.  There's so much pretending with each other.  Do you think that we will ever be able to just be real?  I'm not sure we will ever be able to find the true healing that's within the church if we aren't.  I know that many of us don't feel able to be real because we are worried about what everyone else will think of us.  There goes that "fear of man" thing again...

Well, here's what one church did to start getting real with one another.  I hope that one day we can all reach this point...

From a lukewarm, surface-dwelling sometime Christian to an on fire, deep-diving all the time Christ lover!

What's your story?

P S   I forgot to add that 21 people got baptized last night!!!!  I can not WAIT to see what God does tonight!!!  I will say it again, I can not believe that a place like my church actually exists!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Uninvited Traveler

This morning, since I was over whatever plague I had yesterday, I decided I felt well enough to go to ReFresh.  And I might add, being the good and loving wife that I am, I also passed the plague down to my man!  While I am getting everything into the car and getting Mallory strapped in, I always let Wyatt ride his bike or play in the driveway, whatever he feels like doing.  He had played for a few minutes and THIS morning decided to strap himself in.  "Hmm" I thought.  This will work out nicely and save me a little bit of time.  Usually I am a freak about the straps on the carseats not getting all twisted up, but I had been showing him how not to do that and surprisingly enough...he didn't twist them at all.  So off we went.  About halfway down the road, Wyatt screams, "STOP THE CAR!!!!"  Well, of course, I slammed on the brakes as quickly as I could.  Thank the good Lord there was no one behind me.  I turned around and looked at him and said "What is it, son" (absolutely in a loving tone that only a mother could have at that moment).  He said "I forgot to return my worm back to his family."  Wha...?  "Your what?"  As I was asking the stupid question, he holds up a wriggling worm, long and fat, for me to see.  Very proud of himself I might add.  So I get out of the car in the middle of the road, open his door, take the worm (gross), and sling it across the road.  He then asked me if I put it back in the grass gently.  "As gently as I could right now, son."

All I'm saying is, next time...I'm checking his pockets before he gets in the car...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Not Me! Monday


So, I came across this totally cute blog the other day and I loved her story.  MckMama started doing this really cute post called "Not Me! Monday where we post things that happened during our week that we really can't believe we did, but want to share to show other moms that we ARE all normal!  So, here goes my first Not Me! Monday post.  Read at your own risk!

I did NOT wash the same load of clothes 3x before I remembered to finally take it out of the washer and put it in the dryer. NOT ME!

I did NOT take my mother shopping with me, KNOWING that she would end up buying the clothes. I did NOT! NOT ME! (hey gas is high and money is tight!)

I did NOT let my 2yr old daughter eat chocolate chip cookies for dinner because I felt too sick to fix her anything else. NOT ME!

I did NOT wipe the crumbs onto the floor and then call the dogs in the kitchen to lick them up off the floor. I did not. NOT ME!  You can't prove anything...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

ReFresh 2008

Today marked the beginning of our ReFresh conference for 2008.  "What is that?" you might ask.  Basically, it's what our church does for revival.  But it isn't just at night.  We have sessions during the morning through lunchtime and then it resumes again in the evening.  It's really something that I make every attempt NOT to miss each year.  And each year, the devil tries his best to keep me and/or Frank from being there.  It usually shows up in the form of our children.  Never fails.  Every year one or more of the kids get sick right around the time for ReFresh to start.  This morning was no different.  Mallory woke up in the middle of the night (which she never does) and then she woke up at 6:00 this morning...with fever.  I knew something like this would happen.  But my wonderful, lovin, GRACIOUS hubby offered to stay home with her so that I could go to ReFresh this morning.  What a man...

It was awesome yall.  Tom Ellif spoke on one of the barriers that keep us from true revival.  One being that of unforgiveness.  He talked about what it meant to forgive and what it did NOT mean to forgive.  And what forgiveness does for us personally.  If you have never heard Tom Ellif speak before, you should make sure that you come to hear him because he brings it every time.

Some of us have been discussing over the past several weeks our own personal opinions on why we don't have revival, what holds us back.  Unforgiveness is a good one.  Exposure is another.  When you are experiencing true revival, the closer you get to the cross, the more your sin is exposed.  Now, I'm not necessarily talking about painted-on-a-billboard-for-the-world-to-see kind of exposed, but the Lord will reveal more of your sin to you.  The ones you have pushed down.  The ones you have forgotten.  The ones you have hidden, or thought you have, but you can't hide anything from Him.  Fear of man is something else that keeps us from experiencing revival.  We are always so worried and concerned about what others are doing and what they might think of us if we do something or say such-and-such.  We are less concerned with what a Holy God thinks and feels.  What's wrong with that picture?  We can't experience true revival, true worship, true joy, true love because we are so wrapped up in others...watching them, keeping tabs on them, second-guessing them, judging them...instead of staying focused on what the object of what our revival, worship, joy, and love should be about anyway.

The other thing is that we can't have true revival, personal or corporate, because we are not a desperate people.  We just are not desperate for God.  We can't put down our stuff to get revived, refreshed.  Can't put aside our schedules and routines, our football games and business meetings, our cell phones and internets, our need for going, going, going all the time.  We can't put away our desire for the bigger and better, or the need for play and relaxation.  We can't put away SELF.  That's why we can't see God move on our churches, on our city...on our nation.

I need a refreshing.  Do you?  What will you put aside so you can be ReFreshed?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Saturday Ride

Today, I got up at 6:15 on a Saturday...a Saturday, to head on down to the barn.  Today was the 5 mile trail ride to benefit St Jude's.  And all week long I have been watching the weather report to see what today was going to be like.  Let me tell you, it was beautiful!!!  Could not have asked for a better day.  After we got the tack all loaded and the horses on the trailer and I was absolutely sure that I had my very large cup of coffee in the truck, off we went.  The ride was local, at Quail Pines Plantation.  I had never been there before.  The property was so beautiful.  Around every corner, the land changed.  We went up some hills (not very steep, just the kind that I like) and through some fields, down some lanes where the trees made canopies.  Then we came to my favorite part.  The water.  Very large clearing so that you and your horse could go right in.  Several of us got right in on our horses up to our knees.  Flint(that's my horse I took today) loves to splash around just like a bad child.  It's almost like he is trying to wet the others!  Then out of the water and on to some more riding.  It was so nice.  After 3 hours of trail riding, we made it back to where we started and it was time for lunch.  They had hot dogs, chips, baked beans, candy, cookies...none of which I can eat.  So...it was a good thing I had packed my lunch.  Then they did the raffle drawing and we all sat in the shade and just hung out and talked for a while.  I in my wet boots and jeans.  Ahh, feels good.  It was a fabulous day.  And while I was out on my fabulous ride in the fabulous weather, my beloved hubby was taking kids to soccer games, and taking a 2yr old to the potty every 5 min, and fixing lunch, and cleaning up dog pee...I love him soo much!

Sorry you don't get any pictures.  I did take my camera and I had FULL intentions of taking lots of pics.  Sadly, I left the memory card at home..in the computer from the last post!!  And so it goes...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Thankfuls

Well, I am thankful for many things this week.  I am very thankful that a new season of Smallville started last nite.  Yes, I am.  I do like me some Tom Welling. (Gotta be honest here)  And for the nice weather we have had this week.  Man, it makes me so crazy for fall.  I love fall.  My favorite time of the year.  Makes me want to go put on my favorite pair of jeans (well, I only really have one good pair right now!) and a long sleeved shirt or a good sweater!  I am also thankful that my man made it home safe and sound from his business trip.  I am glad that it was short and that we survived here on the homefront with only minor injuries while he was away!:)  And on that note of the hubs, I am so thankful that not only do we really love each other, on most days...we even like each other, too.
But the thing that I am most thankful for today, is that Wyatt didn't ask if his "new friend" could stay for a sleep over...

I hate frogs...nothing personal...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Playgroup

On Thursdays, a group of us from church get together at different locations and have a playdate for our kids.  I don't always go since I try to have ONE day a week that I don't have to go anywhere and can stay at home all day.  But we do go sometimes and today it was at our local park & zoo.  And I knew that Wyatt and Mal's favorite friends would be there.  So here are a few pics from the day.  

Alex & Wyatt
Connor, Alex, & Wyatt (the Motley Crew)
Future Fireman of America?
this was a pic from a previous day, but still cute!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

I almost decided not to write this, but then I thought that probably even though some might not have little ones, most all more than likely have big ones...boys.  They don't do things the same way that we do.  They don't usually like the same things that we do.  They certainly don't think the same way that we do.  And the one thing that's for sure...they don't, well, their "aim" isn't as good as ours is.

I have 3 boys.  Two little ones, and one big one.  The two little ones share a bathroom upstairs.  Lord, help me.  That place smells like a public restroom most of the time.  And it's not because I don't clean it.  It's because nobody can aim.  I even keep Clorox wipes up there and wipe the potty down at least once a day.  To make matters even worse, one of them, the oldest little man, is a sleep pee-er.(I wasn't really sure how to spell that one!)  No, not a sleep walker.  I mean, that when he needs to go potty, he is in such a deep sleep that he will "think" he is in the bathroom when he isn't.  Let me give you a couple of real life stories.  You can't make this stuff up.

One night when I went upstairs before bed to check on the boys, I noticed that Jack wasn't in his bed.  So, I looked on the sofa in their playroom.  He wasn't there either.  I went across the hall and looked in that bedroom...no Jackson.  As I made my way back into the playroom, I glanced in the bathroom. (the light was on b/c they always make me keep the light on in the bathroom) Jackson was curled up in the fetal position on the floor, dead-to-the-world asleep...with no pants on.  And he had peed all over the toilet...with the lid DOWN.  So after I take him back to bed, I get to scrub a toilet and the floors too.

Another time, I heard Wyatt screaming like he was having a night terror (which he has never had). So I ran up the stairs, flipped on the light and went over to him.  He was soaked.  I thought "Is he sweating?  No too wet?  Did he pee?  On his own head?"  And then I saw Jackson.  He was laying with his head at the foot of his bed on top of his covers.  He had peed on his brother.  Really.  I promise I did not make that up.  True story.

We have had lots of times of him coming downstairs and walking around in circles in our room, obviously looking for the bathroom.  Even starting to go on our floor.  He has peed in the trashcan, on the floor in the playroom, always on the outside of the shower door, ALL over the toilet, and very often on the seat of the potty.  That one is particularly my favorite.  Oh how I love to sit down in the middle of the night because someone (not always Jackson) has...uhmm..wet the seat.

So, basically, I spend alot of time in my house cleaning all of the potties.  There is always a box of cleaning wipes in each of the bathrooms.  That does cut down on time on Wonderful Wednesday(which is the day I clean my whole house).  Maybe Mallory will be able to do a better job than the others...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Wyatt

Happy Birthday Wyatt!  Today, you turn 4.  It doesn't seem like it's been that long.  You have grown up soo fast!  Our lives have never been the same since you got here.  I should have had some idea of the road ahead of me just by your personality seconds after your birth.  From the moment you took your first breath...you began screaming.  Not the soft, sweet cries of a newborn.  No.  Uh-uh.  Screaming at the top of your lungs!  And it didn't stop for a good 1 1/2 hr.  I remember thinking "Put it back.  He wasn't ready!"  But you have made life so much fun and filled it with such laughter.  And you have given us so many memories to cherish.  And so many stories to tell your girlfriends when you get older...
You have grown up so much this past year.  You brush your teeth all by yourself, and get dressed by yourself.  You can put your socks and shoes on and even buckle yourself in your seat!  You have memorized 5 Bible verses already this year and started playing soccer for the first time.  And just the other day, you wrote your name for Mommy!  You're such a big boy that you don't even need your passies anymore and you can ride your new bike all by yourself!

You have a very sweet heart and are the most loving little boy I know.  I mean that.  I don't know anyone who is as loving as you.  And you are quick to show compassion to your friends.  You are also Mommy's cowboy.  I think that's probably because even in my belly you were riding horses.  But whatever the reason, I'm glad that's something that we like to share together...our love of horses!

You are also the most dramatic of your siblings.  Maybe that has something to do with being the middle, I don't know, but you are.  Son, you can pitch a fit like no other!  You are the King of the Meltdown.  And moody.  Girls, look out.  Very quick to fall apart.  Your dad says you get your stubbornness from me, but I don't know about that.  I'm pretty sure I've still got mine.  Certainly, you get your lack of being a morning person from me.

Wyatt, I pray every day that you will be able to use your stubbornness and strong-willed spirit for God when you get older.  I pray that you will be a man of character and conviction and stand strong against the things of this world.  But, I pray that you will not let your will overpower that of His will.  That you will let the Lord mold you and shape your heart.  I love you very much and I am so thankful that He picked me to be your Mommy.

Saturday, September 13, 2008



Wyatt's First Soccer Game

                                                                    PLAYIN' HARD

                                                                   RUNNIN' FAST
                                                        MOM, DID YOU SEE THAT?!!
                                              LOVE THIS BOY...

Wyatt's Birthday Party

Last night we had Wyatt's birthday at Chuck E Cheese. (don't say anything, he picked it.  And he loves it)  So here are a few pictures to share. (by the way--everything is underlined cause I can't get the stupid feature to turn off!  Never happened before but I'll figure it out eventually) Enjoy
                                                                 Always the Cheeser!!
                                                          Mallory and Annalyse
                                                                      Wyatt & Chuckie
                                           Wyatt & Ally (do I see a wedding in the future?)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Thankfuls

I don't know about yall, but I sure am glad it's Friday!  Today, I am thankful that a day has come that I wasn't sure if it ever would.  Wyatt has been passie free for over a week now.  Truly, truly a miracle in and of itself.  I really thought this kid would go to college with several packed away safely in his suitcases.  But wonders never cease...

Also, I am thankful that as of today, Mallory has been in panties for 1 day shy of a week.  Wearing them to school, church, Bible study, even the grocery store.  And yes, while in the grocery store we did have to go...twice.  At church she discovered public potties.  She likes them.  Not really something I consider good because she tries to touch everything (gross!!!)  Glad lysol came out with the kind you can now carry in your purse.  I guess you can add that to my list too...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's Your Idea of Cheap Entertainment?

                                                                  DON'T ASK..... 

Stop and Visit

Steph said I should mention that I have started working on a second blog :) cause one just wasn't enough!!

So stop by and visit by entering here. 

Lives Forever Changed

May We Never Forget

Hebrews 13:5-6 (ECV)

God has said, "Never will I leave you;  never will I forsake you."

So we say with confidence, "The Lord is my helper;  I will not be afraid.  What

can man do to me?"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fried Dog Anyone?

This morning I took Jackson and Wyatt outside while we were waiting on the bus, as is the custom every morning.  We always go out a little before the bus so that the dogs can play and Wyatt can ride his still beloved bike.  Jackson also likes to ride his bike most mornings with Wyatt or he will take the sacred Nintendo out with him to play.  Although, most times Frank takes them out so that I can have just a few minutes of peace to finish my Bible study.  Alas, this morning was my turn.  So, out the door we went.  (Be back in a few minutes, Lord)  Wyatt hopped on his bike and Jack picked his up, but the seat was all wet cause he had left it in the yard instead of in the garage with all of the ten thousand other things.  So, he decided to play with the dogs instead.  Now,  we have an invisible fence which both of our dogs have been trained on.  Zoey, who is almost 7, has been trained for quite some time, doesn't even really need the collar anymore.  She won't go near the fence line.  Notch has just recently been schooled on the fencing.  He did very well and learned very quickly.  Our yard still has the flags up so he has a visual reminder of where the fence line is.  Anyhoo...I was standing near the end of the drive (which is beyond the boundary) watching for the bus so I could yell for Jack to grab his backpack and come on.  Jackson decided to pick up Notch and bring him over to where I was standing.  Well, of course,  Notch begins screaming and yelping like there is no tomorrow and literally looked lit up like a cartoon character.  Not to mention he was flailing  around in mid-air!  Sadly, at that moment, I lost whateva chance I had at being nominated for Mother of the Year with the stroke-out I had in the driveway.  At that moment, Jackson dropped Notch and he(the dog not the kid) ran off under the oak tree.  I gathered myself back together and told Jackson that it was okay, I knew he didn't mean to hurt him and that Notch was fine.  Jack ran over and gave Notch a big 'ole "I'm Sorry" hug.  Notch returned it with a lick to the face.  The bus came and Jack went to school.
Wyatt never stopped riding his bike up and down the driveway.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

In the Spotlight

Thought I would try something new for supper.  BFF said they were good.  They were BETTER than good!!  Thanks Steph!!  For the recipe, click here.


YUMMY YUMMY ZUCCHINI CAKES!!!  Don't turn your nose up until you have tried them!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Watch This

Esther, It's Tough Being a Women from LifeWay on Vimeo.

I am so EXCITED about this Bible study.  If this doesn't get you going then you must have a problem!!  Watch it!!!!  Something about seeing this and having Sarah Palin on the ticket just does something to me :)

Can You Take the Heat

Something amazing is happening.  It's been brewing for some time, but it's closer now.  And I can not adequately describe to you how excited I am.  God is about to break loose in our church.  I know...I can't stand it either.

Yesterday at church, I had wee care(that's what we call nursery duty).  So I spent my time during the service taking care of 18-23month old babies.  Not a bad gig if you don't count the stinky diapers!  But when my time was up and it was time for Sunday School, I knew something was up.  Judging from the faces of the people leaving the service, I just knew something great had happened...and I had missed it.  Then my husband confirmed it.  Now granted, you can't always go by his face, given that he is an emotional kinda guy and I love that about him.  He sits down next to me in class and exclaims, "You missed it" "What?"  I say.  He then proceeds to tell me that Michael(our beloved pastor) never even made it to the message.  Dawg gone it!!  I just knew it.  

Apparently, it all got started because we were to start something new in all of the Sunday School classes that day.  Not your typical Sunday school stuff.  All classes, young and old alike are going through this book/workbook called Downpour by James MacDonald.  It's a book on personal revival.  And let me just say that what I have already read is awesome!  Michael(our pastor) began to speak to everyone about their responsibility in revival and how important and necessary it was for us individually and as a church (keep in mind I was not in there so I am telling you this second-hand).  Instead of waiting until the end of the service people started to get out of their seats and make their way to the altar right then and there.  He never even made it to his message!!  People were weeping and crying out to God for personal revival!!  And can you believe...I missed it!!  

But here's the thing.  We so often do think of "revival" as being for the church body as a whole.  And I am not saying that it isn't.  But it does have to happen to you first.  You have to become more than just an observer of the faith and become an active participator.  And I am so thankful that I have a pastor that cares about MY personal revival.  He is not always interested in whether or not what he says is going to make everyone feel okay.  He is not always interested in whether or not you are going to like or agree with what he says.  And he is not always interested in if what he says makes you stay or makes you leave.  But what he is interested in is the heart of the matter.  He doesn't want a congregation that is satisfied with the status quo.  That's not good enough.  He doesn't want us to be doing things just to be doing them.  I would even say he doesn't even want us to be "comfortable" anymore.  And for some time now there have been what I refer to as "breakout" groups.  Those groups of people who are no longer satisfied with the status quo.  Who desire to go deeper with Christ....among the men, the women, and even the college age kids...

The thing to remember is this.  When the Holy Spirit truly comes in, there are gonna be some times of testing.  Trials by fire.  Fire is not always a bad thing.  It heats up metal and makes it able to be shaped and molded.  It burns away the bad so that the pure can shine through.  It melts the cold and makes the hard soft.  I have often made the comment that our church is not a place for the faint of heart...  Not really a place you can come and "play" Christian.  Now sure, you can come and sit in your seat during the service and get up, unchanged, and go home.  But, if you are going to come and get involved...hold on to your seat.  Sometimes I can't even believe that a place like this exists where I live.  So, I have a feeling that it's fixing to get hot in here.  Can you take the heat?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dinner Time Dilemmas

I love to cook, really I do.  Don't like to clean up, but I like to cook.  The problem is that even though I have been married for almost 10yrs come January (I know, go ahead...stand and clap) I just don't have that big of a selection of things that I make.  Part of my problem in that is that I live with a wide variety of pickiness.  Can I have a witness?! UH HUH!  Frank, even though he grew up on a farm and his mother has never cooked anything that wasn't absolutely delicious(HI MOM!!), doesn't like many veggies.  Subsequently, neither do my kiddos.  There are some that I don't really care for either.  There are a list of seafood items that my kids don't care for and some that hubby doesn't care for either.  Not to mention that now, Frank and I are both trying to get some weight off, so basically...all carbs are off, unless they are in the form of veggies. So.  With that being said, I came across a great blog the other day (thanks Sassy!) and she includes her weekly dinner list on her blog.  I thought--How fabulous!!  If I did that, and you did that, I can get ideas from you and so on and so forth.  So, I'm gonna give it a try.  You are not allowed, however to rate MY dinners, unless you thought they were totally incredible.  Which of course they are and you may say so!  So help me out by posting your dinners on your blogs!!  Happy Eating!!
Monday: Pot Roast (in crock pot)
                 rice/gravy (for the kids only)
                butter beans (kids only.  too starchy for me & F to have)
Tuesday:shrimp&scallops in parchment paper (new recipe)
Wednesday:Church Supper
Thursday:Pork Roast w/apricots (in crockpot) recipe here
                  mashed sweet potatoe (for kids only)
                  green beans
Friday:Wyatts Birthday Party @ CEC (lucky us!)

Sassy also mentions a great website in one of her blogs and I went and checked it out.  It has a TON of good  recipes which I will be trying.  So check them out here!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Thankfuls

                                                Picture over Wyatts bed
                                                         Uga on wall in boys room
                                               see how big Uga is on their wall and helmet above bed too

Praise the Lord it's Friday again!  It does mean football again.  So tonight we will be headed off to another game.  Please Lord help the team play better than they did last week.  And the DAWGS will be playing tomorrow at 3:30 so be sure to tune in.
Today, I am so grateful for friendships.  I would not survive without them. And I do believe that you pace yourself in life according to those that you run beside.  If I had not changed "running partners", there is no telling where I would be in life right now.  The Bible even warns us about friendships.  Proverbs 12:26 says" The righteous should choose his friends carefully. For the way of the wicked leads them astray."  I don't care how strong you are...it's easier to be pulled into the pit than to pull someone out.  I am truly fortunate to have several very good friendships and a few very, very close friends.  My BFF though, I am very lucky to have.  Because she is very talented.  And I can use her great talents and I don't have to feel guilty about it.  She painted these pics for me and  also something for Mallorys room, but she was asleep when I took the pictures.  She is local and available to do this at your house too!  I love you Stephers and glad that the Lord brought you and Ry into our lives!!!

Pay Dirt

I finally feel as though I have hit pay dirt on two issues.  One is that we have made it through one night and one nap with no passies for Wyatt.  I truly never thought I would see this day come.  I feel as though we should have some sort of ceremony and this morning we kinda did.  I gave him stickers and a tootsie roll.  It did nothing to help his sour attitude.  You see, Wyatt is not a morning person, like his mother...  Jackson and Mallory are complete morning people, like their daddy...whatever.  Stop trying to change me people.  And yesterday, Mallory went teetee in the potty all afternoon and she even pooped in the potty before bathtime.  I.could.not.believe.it!!!  My good friend Emily said her littlest has been diaper free for about 5 days (also completely clothes free I might add).  She is about 6mo younger than mine.  She said being a jaybird has done the trick.  So...once I let Mallory, she caught on very quickly.  Now obviously she didn't go to school with no clothes on so that is totally for when we are at home, but it really did work!  What will it be like to have no kids in diapers?  I don't know...it will be like getting a raise!!  What will I do with the extra money?  Hmmmm.....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

And the Winner IS...

If you haven't been watching the RNC, you totally missed it last night.  I mean really.  If I had been a Democrat last night after watching the many speakers, I would have changed parties this morning.  No one beat around the bush or tried to say what they really felt in a way that they thought would sound appealing to everyone or wouldn't be offensive to anyone.  They just said it.  Period.  I loved it.  And I LOVED Sarah Palin.  She looked like she had been speaking in those settings for her whole life.  Completely comfortable.  And she didn't pull any punches either.  She just told it like it was.  You could either like it or lump it.  It was great.  I just kept trying to imagine what it must feel like to be in that place at a time like that.  But I couldn't even imagine.  So, just in my personal opinion, if I was concerned before about who was gonna win, after last night I'm not really that worried anymore.  I'm not saying it still won't be a fight or won't get ugly, and absolutely we still need to get out and vote like nobodies  business, but if this had been a competition between the two...hands down, the Republicans won.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Kids say the darnedest things

By the way, today while we were outside playing, my beloved Wyatt, who was enjoying his new bike soo much, came over and sat down next to me.  Mallory and I were drawing on the driveway with some chalk and Wyatt said, "Mommy, what are those spikes on your legs?"  Apparently,  I need to shave.  Whatever...

Surprise!! or not...

I hate surprises.  Really I do.  It's not that I hate surprises per say, just when I know that I am getting a surprise.  I like them if I don't know there's one coming.  But this surprise was not for me.  It was for Wyatt.  His birthday is coming up soon and at the consignment sale I saw a bike that was perfect for him.  So, I decided to get it for him for his birthday.  Frank and I had it hidden in our guest bedroom that no one ever really goes in.  And everything had gone fine since we brought it home.  Until Sunday night...someone opened the door to the bedroom and decided to have a look around.  Well, two somebodies  actually.  With a very excited shout, Wyatt runs into the den and proclaims to his father that there is a bike in the bedroom, a red bike, in the bedroom and guess what?  It fits his hiney!!  How can you get upset at something like that?  You can't.  So, today, Wyatt rode his birthday surprise all morning long, up and down the driveway.  Remembering to tell me over and over how much he loves his new bike.  I tried to upload a picture to the blog, but for some reason it wouldn't load, so you will have to wait to see that big grin on his new bike.  So, even if I don't like surprises, at least one of mine does...