Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fireproof and Dr Phil???

Yes, you heard me correctly.  Fireproof and Dr Phil now go hand in hand.  I have mentioned before that we have recently finished our 3rd movie and it is set to release in theaters THIS Friday, September 26th.  And, even though as a church family, we got the privilege of seeing it early...I am still so very excited!!  Tonight was the last night of ReFresh and let me tell you..God did not disappoint.  Michael gave us a quick run down of a few things that the Lord had been at work on and I was just overwhelmed.  Last night there were 46--46 decisions made, 30 of them for salvation, 21 of those baptized.  Tonight we had 12 more baptized at the beginning of the service, 2 more at the end of the service, I am not sure how many got up and made decisions at the end of tonights service. the kids service (this is so great I am almost coming out of my skin.  I mean I am bouncing up and down in my chair...literally)  8 kids accepted Christ!!!!  And guess who was one of them????  JACKSON!!!!!!  I prayed all afternoon that the Lord would just begin to work on his little heart.  And if it wasn't real that he would stay in his seat.  Not just go forward cause some friends did or whatever or cause he was scared to burn forever(although a low motive is better than NO motive :) ) but that he would be able to recognize in his own way that he is a sinner in need of Jesus.  Our children's minister said that Jack was one of the very first ones up.  And so, Frank talked to him some more to make sure that he understood his decision.  We are very grateful to the Lord for ALL He has done this week.

But now, what about Dr Phil? you ask.  I'm getting to that.  (Bear with me...I'm still very excited from this evening and I am trying to tell you everything and my thoughts are jumping all over the place!!!)  Michael (that's our pastor BTW) also said that they showed the movie to a firehouse in New York City last night and 17 of the firemen gave their lives to Christ when it was over!! Can you BELIEVE that??!?  God is AWESOME!!

Anyway, ALL of that to say that TODAY, Thursday, at 5pm on whatever channel Dr Phil comes on in your area, our pastor Michael Catt, Alex Kendrick (who wrote the movie and also goes to our church), and Kirk Cameron (who plays in the movie) will be on Dr Phil talking about the movie.  Now...the show is NOT JUST about the movie.  This is what Michael was excited about.  The show is entitled  Fireproof Your Marriage.  Howda like that?!  Michael said he wouldn't give it all away, wouldn't tell us what all happened, that we would have to watch and see for ourselves, but he did say that he almost felt like he was in a church service.  What??  On DR PHIL?  On TV?  Yes.  Apparently, there are some guests on the show that are having marital problems, and some are even firefighters, and Michael said that it was just a GREAT show.  So, I hope that everyone will take the opportunity to tune in and watch it...even though I know it's in the middle of Happy Hour!!

And I hope that you all will make it a point to go and see Fireproof when it comes out on Friday.  Better yet, take some friends with you Marriages are under attack today.  I pray that God will use this movie as a catalyst to help marriages and families all over to get back on the right track.  



Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

Thank you so much for sharing this with your bloggers. We showed a clip of Fireproof Your Marrige at our church on Sunday. I think this is a great ministry tool for all marriages, no matter how long you have been married. By the way I am new to your blog, I come by way of Fuschia at Living in the land of Pink, she is a dear friend of mine. If you get a chance come over and peak through My Picket Fence.

Amy J. said...

I already have tickets to see the movie Friday night! I am so excited! Facing the Giants and Flywheel were great! Thank you and your church for allowing God to work through you all to accomplish so mych for His kingdom, and for all of those you are you are directing to Him

Jerri Lynn @ Southern Sassyness said...

Wow! Awesome post - I missed the show! I really do want to see this movie, though. I have heard some really good things about it already.

Have a nice weekend!

Hayley. said...

That is SO awesome about Jackson!!! YAY!!!