Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Wyatt

Happy Birthday Wyatt!  Today, you turn 4.  It doesn't seem like it's been that long.  You have grown up soo fast!  Our lives have never been the same since you got here.  I should have had some idea of the road ahead of me just by your personality seconds after your birth.  From the moment you took your first began screaming.  Not the soft, sweet cries of a newborn.  No.  Uh-uh.  Screaming at the top of your lungs!  And it didn't stop for a good 1 1/2 hr.  I remember thinking "Put it back.  He wasn't ready!"  But you have made life so much fun and filled it with such laughter.  And you have given us so many memories to cherish.  And so many stories to tell your girlfriends when you get older...
You have grown up so much this past year.  You brush your teeth all by yourself, and get dressed by yourself.  You can put your socks and shoes on and even buckle yourself in your seat!  You have memorized 5 Bible verses already this year and started playing soccer for the first time.  And just the other day, you wrote your name for Mommy!  You're such a big boy that you don't even need your passies anymore and you can ride your new bike all by yourself!

You have a very sweet heart and are the most loving little boy I know.  I mean that.  I don't know anyone who is as loving as you.  And you are quick to show compassion to your friends.  You are also Mommy's cowboy.  I think that's probably because even in my belly you were riding horses.  But whatever the reason, I'm glad that's something that we like to share together...our love of horses!

You are also the most dramatic of your siblings.  Maybe that has something to do with being the middle, I don't know, but you are.  Son, you can pitch a fit like no other!  You are the King of the Meltdown.  And moody.  Girls, look out.  Very quick to fall apart.  Your dad says you get your stubbornness from me, but I don't know about that.  I'm pretty sure I've still got mine.  Certainly, you get your lack of being a morning person from me.

Wyatt, I pray every day that you will be able to use your stubbornness and strong-willed spirit for God when you get older.  I pray that you will be a man of character and conviction and stand strong against the things of this world.  But, I pray that you will not let your will overpower that of His will.  That you will let the Lord mold you and shape your heart.  I love you very much and I am so thankful that He picked me to be your Mommy.


Jerri Lynn @ Southern Sassyness said...

What a sweet post for such a cutie! He is so blessed to have you for a mama!

stephanie said...

We love you so much and are so glad to be part of your "family." You make us laugh and bring us so much joy. We pray we can love the Lord and live our lives with the same abandon, recklessness and passion that you posess. You remind us how much fun it is to be childlike. Happy Birthday big man! We love you, Uncle Ryan and Aunt Steph

Amy Lynn said...

Hi! Thanks for coming over to my blog! That is neat that our boys birthday are one day apart!

On a more random note: Your family looked very familiar to me, and then I realized that you guys go to Sherwood. I used to go there also... and my dad (Dan Howell) actually sings in the choir with your husband. All that to say, it's a small world! :)

Ashley Griffin said...

stephers, you da best!!!