Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fried Dog Anyone?

This morning I took Jackson and Wyatt outside while we were waiting on the bus, as is the custom every morning.  We always go out a little before the bus so that the dogs can play and Wyatt can ride his still beloved bike.  Jackson also likes to ride his bike most mornings with Wyatt or he will take the sacred Nintendo out with him to play.  Although, most times Frank takes them out so that I can have just a few minutes of peace to finish my Bible study.  Alas, this morning was my turn.  So, out the door we went.  (Be back in a few minutes, Lord)  Wyatt hopped on his bike and Jack picked his up, but the seat was all wet cause he had left it in the yard instead of in the garage with all of the ten thousand other things.  So, he decided to play with the dogs instead.  Now,  we have an invisible fence which both of our dogs have been trained on.  Zoey, who is almost 7, has been trained for quite some time, doesn't even really need the collar anymore.  She won't go near the fence line.  Notch has just recently been schooled on the fencing.  He did very well and learned very quickly.  Our yard still has the flags up so he has a visual reminder of where the fence line is.  Anyhoo...I was standing near the end of the drive (which is beyond the boundary) watching for the bus so I could yell for Jack to grab his backpack and come on.  Jackson decided to pick up Notch and bring him over to where I was standing.  Well, of course,  Notch begins screaming and yelping like there is no tomorrow and literally looked lit up like a cartoon character.  Not to mention he was flailing  around in mid-air!  Sadly, at that moment, I lost whateva chance I had at being nominated for Mother of the Year with the stroke-out I had in the driveway.  At that moment, Jackson dropped Notch and he(the dog not the kid) ran off under the oak tree.  I gathered myself back together and told Jackson that it was okay, I knew he didn't mean to hurt him and that Notch was fine.  Jack ran over and gave Notch a big 'ole "I'm Sorry" hug.  Notch returned it with a lick to the face.  The bus came and Jack went to school.
Wyatt never stopped riding his bike up and down the driveway.


Aimee said...

OMG...Ashley I swear that is hilarious...I so needed that laugh to end my long day! :-)

Kim said...

I love the way you word things...the mother of the year thing. Ok, leaving for Seattle, WA tomorrow night so don't shoot me if I step out of the blog world for a few days :)
Go read my last one before our departure.....