Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Uninvited Traveler

This morning, since I was over whatever plague I had yesterday, I decided I felt well enough to go to ReFresh.  And I might add, being the good and loving wife that I am, I also passed the plague down to my man!  While I am getting everything into the car and getting Mallory strapped in, I always let Wyatt ride his bike or play in the driveway, whatever he feels like doing.  He had played for a few minutes and THIS morning decided to strap himself in.  "Hmm" I thought.  This will work out nicely and save me a little bit of time.  Usually I am a freak about the straps on the carseats not getting all twisted up, but I had been showing him how not to do that and surprisingly enough...he didn't twist them at all.  So off we went.  About halfway down the road, Wyatt screams, "STOP THE CAR!!!!"  Well, of course, I slammed on the brakes as quickly as I could.  Thank the good Lord there was no one behind me.  I turned around and looked at him and said "What is it, son" (absolutely in a loving tone that only a mother could have at that moment).  He said "I forgot to return my worm back to his family."  Wha...?  "Your what?"  As I was asking the stupid question, he holds up a wriggling worm, long and fat, for me to see.  Very proud of himself I might add.  So I get out of the car in the middle of the road, open his door, take the worm (gross), and sling it across the road.  He then asked me if I put it back in the grass gently.  "As gently as I could right now, son."

All I'm saying is, next time...I'm checking his pockets before he gets in the car...


Heather @ Home said...

Ha! He sounds just like my big brother. He used to carry all sorts of things to church in his pockets, much to the dismay of his SS teachers. Once he brought snake eggs into the house. My mom didn't know it until they hatched and one of them crawled under her chair at supper one night. True story!!!

Lori said...

typical little guy! guess it could have been worse... it could have been something dead already... yuck!

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