Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dinner Time Dilemmas

I love to cook, really I do.  Don't like to clean up, but I like to cook.  The problem is that even though I have been married for almost 10yrs come January (I know, go ahead...stand and clap) I just don't have that big of a selection of things that I make.  Part of my problem in that is that I live with a wide variety of pickiness.  Can I have a witness?! UH HUH!  Frank, even though he grew up on a farm and his mother has never cooked anything that wasn't absolutely delicious(HI MOM!!), doesn't like many veggies.  Subsequently, neither do my kiddos.  There are some that I don't really care for either.  There are a list of seafood items that my kids don't care for and some that hubby doesn't care for either.  Not to mention that now, Frank and I are both trying to get some weight off, so basically...all carbs are off, unless they are in the form of veggies. So.  With that being said, I came across a great blog the other day (thanks Sassy!) and she includes her weekly dinner list on her blog.  I thought--How fabulous!!  If I did that, and you did that, I can get ideas from you and so on and so forth.  So, I'm gonna give it a try.  You are not allowed, however to rate MY dinners, unless you thought they were totally incredible.  Which of course they are and you may say so!  So help me out by posting your dinners on your blogs!!  Happy Eating!!
Monday: Pot Roast (in crock pot)
                 rice/gravy (for the kids only)
                butter beans (kids only.  too starchy for me & F to have)
Tuesday:shrimp&scallops in parchment paper (new recipe)
Wednesday:Church Supper
Thursday:Pork Roast w/apricots (in crockpot) recipe here
                  mashed sweet potatoe (for kids only)
                  green beans
Friday:Wyatts Birthday Party @ CEC (lucky us!)

Sassy also mentions a great website in one of her blogs and I went and checked it out.  It has a TON of good  recipes which I will be trying.  So check them out here!


Aimee said...

You went on a blogging frenzy, I am catching up :-) So you should get that cook book by Jerry Seinfields wife...she hides veggies in EVERYTHING! The food is delicious! It's for kids (even big ones)....

Heather @ Home said...

Hey Ash,
What diet are you and Frank on? Anything in particular or just low carb?

Ashley Griffin said...

Heather, I am going to Hi Energy. Basically no carbs unless they are from veggies with the occasional carbs from the Natures Own 40cal/slice bread for 1 sandwich. I have been on the program for 15 weeks and have lost 41lbs!!!