Monday, November 9, 2009

Operation Christmas Child

Tis the season... already... I can't believe it's almost Christmas! And though I am not as good as some of my friends who have already purchased their children's gifts, I do know what mine will be getting... it's just a matter of writing it down and actually going to get it!

Baby steps, people, baby. steps!

However, the time has come again for us to do our shoeboxes. It's a simple thing really. Fill a shoebox with goodies for a child, box goes all over the world to reach a little one who otherwise wouldn't get anything for Christmas, and somehow... hopefully, they feel the love of Christ through that simple box.

I never do well when I have to go get the stuff for the boxes... I usually have a few things in mind I want to put in the boxes. But then while I'm shopping I just want to keep on putting things in my basket! Now, I know that if I don't stop half of what I've gotten is NOT going to fit, but for some reason I just get so stinkin' emotional while I am buying for those shoeboxes!! Thinking of those kids... and the JOY in their eyes... makes my heart feel like it will burst!! The overflow from that usually ends up in my eyes!!

Anyway, Frank and I decided that this year we would make it a family project instead of me just filling them up. So, one night last week after supper, we sent all the kids into the dining room. I had everything set up for them. A box in front of each of their chairs with the items to go in the box beside it. Frank talked with them about what the boxes were for and who would be getting them and why it was important for us to send them. He did a really good job of explaining in a way they could grasp.

Then it was time to fill them. Now, I really expected some tears. Honestly... that's why I had my camera. (good parenting award here I come!) Especially where my Wyatt was concerned... I had picked things that he would want to go in his box for his child. So I fully expected him to pitch a fit to keep those things for himself. But you know what?? Nobody said one word... not a tear... not a sad face... nothing. They all just got to work filling their little boxes. Even Mallory. She didn't ask to keep anything either. Well, she did start to brush her teeth with the toothbrush that was supposed to go in her box! Thankfully I had a spare!!

Then after the boxes had been filled, we asked each of them to pray over their box and for the little boy/girl that would be getting their box. Without hesitation Wyatt started. He folded his hands and said a super sweet prayer that included "please let him brush his teeth good so they can be clean and not have any yellow left on his tooth"... I had to bite my lip... hard... Jack and Mallory prayed for their boxes and children too. I left that room in shock. Really in shock. And grateful for the opportunity the Lord had given us to share that with our kids.

Sometimes, lots of times, a teachable moment goes terribly wrong in our house... and sometimes... it just goes right...


He & Me + 3 said...

So sweet. We do this too and my kids love it.

stephanie said...

so glad to see you're back! occ is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. :)

Tammy said...

that's awesome! we enjoy doing the boxes each year too. We took Jacob to shop with us this year and he helped pick stuff out :)