Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

so this year was my 36th *cough cough* birthday... geez.. does the number have to look so  BIG when you write it out??!! for the love!! anyway...

since there have been so many changes in my life recently (more on that to come), i decided to celebrate this year a little differently.  i can't take credit for the idea.  pinterest.  always pinterest. amen.  36 acts of kindness.  most of them planned out.  but not all.  because i wanted to leave room for just some small, random, everyday acts.  AND, i also wanted to leave room for those God moments too.  i wanted to have fun... but i also wanted to meet some real needs too... and of course, He is always faithful.  it was truly a day that i will never forget.  the looks on peoples faces, the tears, the hugs, the laughter.  unforgettable.  here is the list of what i did.  with a few stories added in.  enjoy :)

1-6. went to visit the pediatric floor of the hospital. took gift bags for the patients and parents that included diapers, wipes, toys, candy, games, and gift cards to wal-mart (depending on age of patient)

7. paid for person in line in drive thru at BK behind us. left a card telling them to have a great day! expression on their face was priceless.

8-11. took homemade brownies to 4 different fire dept. to tell them thank you for their service.

12. as we headed to our next location, we saw an old car stopped on the side of the road.  a couple had gotten out and were walking with their gas can in the 110* weather!! we stopped and asked if we could take their gas can and fill it up for them.  when we got to the gas station, i realized that the gas can only held about one gallon of gas. so, when we got back to them, i asked if they would please follow me to the gas station and let me fill up their tank. the gentleman told me he had no idea how much it would take because he was never able to fill it all the way up. and his wife cried. well, maybe i did too. i serve a very big God.

13. i just happen to have 2 of my food bags in the jeep and saw 2 people that were in need of them.  gladly gave them.

14. went to a laundromat and handed out quarters for people to do their laundry and taped coins to empty washers/dryers.

15. gave quarters to kids to play arcade games in laundromat. they all went bananas! :)

16. held door open for man carrying baby

17. gave out goodie bags filled with candy and games and nail polish to kids in parking lot

18. went to park and handed out popsicles!! learned that when you go to the park on SUPER HOT DAY and say "does anyone want a popsicle??" kids will literally fall from the sky. not kidding.  it was awesome!

19. went to a restaurant and left a pack of diapers at a changing station with a note.

20. gave a waitress a gift card to wal-mart for no reason.

21. taped change to some drink machines

22. returned buggy for a customer in grocery store parking lot

23. took gift bag of dog food/treats, cat food, and toys to  animal shelter.

24. unloaded groceries for someone in publix parking lot

25. gave her children 2 goodie bags

26. as we were leaving publix, we saw an elderly lady walking to her old vehicle. she was using 2 crutches.  her vehicle was beaten up.  she had 2 young boys waiting on her in the car.  i had bought a gift card to winn dixie the day before and had been holding onto it all day. waiting.  and when we saw her the Lord said to give it to her.  so Hannah and i walked over to her car.  i asked her if i could help her in with her crutches and she was grateful for the help.  and then i told her that i had something that i would like for her to have and i handed her the card.  she opened it. she just kinda sat there for a moment and then she asked if she could really go to the grocery store with it.  i said yes maam. and she repeated over and over " i get to go to the grocery store, i get to go to the grocery store. boys!! we are going to the grocery store today". i may have teared up. again. Hannah asked her what her name was and if she could pray for her.  she said please do.  i will never forget Ms. Williams.

27.  gave 2 boy goodie bags to Ms Williams boys.  the joy in that vehicle was overwhelming.

28.  took Wyatt and Mallory with us to the nursing home in Lee Co.  all the kids had made cards the night before.  they were so excited to visit with the residents! they couldn't pass out those cards and hug their sweet necks fast enough!  Wyatt even walked up to a sweet man sitting alone in his wheelchair at a table and said in his gruff little voice "hey, you wanna look at this snake book with me?" and he flipped through the book and pointed out the snakes and told him what the names of them were.  mallory hugged and told everyone what she had drawn for them.  and sweet Hannah spoke to every person like they were her own grandmother or grandfather.  it was precious.  they have already asked when they can go back.

29. left 2 packs of wipes at a changing station

30. took clothes to the Liberty House 

31. left a card for our mailperson to say thank you!

32. bought Frank's dog a toy. (for those of you that know me that REALLY is an act of kindness!!)

33. took Ms. Christine supper (90 yr old widow at our church)

34-36. went to bus stop and paid for riders!

best birthday ever.

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Tammy said...

this is so awesome and inspiring... you go girl!!! #26 had me in tears. I feel challenged by all this.. thank you!!!