Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lawn Sprinkler

Yesterday, when Jack got home from school and the new season of Happy Hour began, I checked his bag and found a letter from the Transportation Director saying that Jackson would have a new bus driver and a new time for pick up in the mornings.  Wonderful.  No, I mean it in a good way.  The bus will be at our house at 7:05 for pick up and the original time was 6:47.  So Wonderful!  This morning we were all outside as usual waiting for the bus at our new time.  The dogs were having a great time chasing each other around and the kids were laughing at them.  Wyatt got out his "bike" and was riding up and down the drive and Jack was playing his nintendo.  Everything was going good...that should have been my first signal that something was about to happen!  Bus pulls up ON TIME I might add, and we meet the bus driver.  I notice, and comment to myself that she is particularly cheerful and smiley for a bus driver, but decided that it was just an added bonus and counted us to be the few lucky ones to have a great bus driver.  In mid-thought I am turning around as the bus is pulling away...and I see it...or more accurately HIM!  My beloved Wyatt, with his pants down to his ankles, peeing right in the yard for the new bus driver to see!  No wonder she was smiling so big.  She was probably trying to suppress laughter!  Oh well, you gotta love Wyatt!


Aimee said...

Ashley, how do you feel about the bus? We are trying to make a decision about that. Is this his first year riding it? I am so scared for the girls, does Jackson also ride it home, does he get home really late?

Ashley Griffin said...

no it is not his first year in fact he has been riding it since kindergarten. so that would make it his third. and there have been a very few incidences of other kids being mean, it has worked out and the bus drivers have all been good. i just never felt it was fair to my other kids to disrupt their schedules (we are very schedule orientated) when they were younger. most of the time they wouldn't have ever gotten much of a good nap because it would have always been time to get in the car and go pick someone up. besides that with gas money so just makes more sense for us to let the bus be our transportation. next year wyatt will start k4 and will ride the bus with jackson. the only reason we will let him start that young is because he has a late bday and will turn 5 a few weeks after school starts. we have to remember, they aren't really ours anyway...i trust that thei Lord can take care of them on the bus just like he can in my car!

Jen Talley said...

Oh man Wyatt sounds like Charlie. Just walks to his own beat!!!! I LOVE that.