Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend I went to the Beth Moore simulcast that our church hosted.  It was held on Friday night and Saturday and was great!  I learned so much and was very glad that I went.  Frank did a great job of holding down the fort.  Everyone remained in one piece and he even had the house all picked up and the children dressed when I came home.  However, I did get home really late.  Of course, you know there is going to be a story to tell...when I left the simulcast on Saturday it was about 1:15pm and I was starving.  I had not had anything to eat since breakfast at 7:45 that morning.  So I knew that I had to drop something off at my mom's house that is only 2 minutes from the church, then pick up a cake for my niece's birthday on Sunday, then I would be home and I could eat lunch.  Well, as I was leaving my moms I noticed a nail in one of my tires.  Hubby tells me to go to the tire place at Sears.  So I zip in and they take all my info and say that it's a quick fix.  So, I stand there waiting.  20 minutes goes by and I'm still waiting and still hungry.  40 minutes and I go sit.  Now whatever spiritual edge I gained from my conference is beginning to fade...quickly.  It was 1:40 when they took my info and now is 2:45 and I have a migraine.  Finally I can take no more.  I get up and in my jeans and  long sleeved shirt walk in the sweltering heat to McDonalds which thankfully is not very far at all.  I eat something and feel much better.  When I get back, still not ready, but they have at the very least started on it.  So at 3:40 I finally walk out, go pick up the cake, and arrive home just in time to change clothes and walk right back out the door again!  
On another note, the puppy is still alive and seems to like being here!  And my friend sent Mallory some tutus and leotards she could dress up in.  She finally got to play with them and we have had many dress up changes for her today.  She loved being a ballerina!!! Here are a few pics to share with you!!

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Aimee said...

Ashley, saw you on my sisters blog and wanted to stop in and say hello. Your crew is precious and oh, so big. Hope all is fine and dandy. You all look so wonderful!