Saturday, December 27, 2008

Who Let The Frog Out?

For Christmas, Santa brought Wyatt 2 very special things. One was a "bug catcher" (which was basically a dust buster for kids to suck bugs up into). He loves bugs. And he believes that all bugs are his friends. So therefore, he touches all of them. *gross* He also got a "bug house" to put all the things in that he catches. My thought was that he would primarily catch dead bugs and they would end up in the habitat.

Well... my aunt and uncle from Florida came today for us to celebrate Christmas together. My kids absolutely adore them. Aunt Sharon and Uncle Jimmy play with them and basically let them do what they want. What's not to love? So anyway, Wyatt asked Aunt Sharon to go outside with him to find some bugs. Our exterminator comes regularly, so I wasn't really that concerned. PLUS, he was going outside with a girl.

After a little while I could hear some excitement building outside. I began to get a tad bit worried that they had in fact found something. And I was right. Not just one something, but FOUR somethings. Frogs. My least favorite things in the whole world. I know they probably serve a higher purpose, but I wish they would all just disappear.

They had found 4 frogs and put them into the bug house. They even managed to find a live bug and put it in there for the frogs to eat. How thoughtful of them... Wyatt happily brought them inside to show me. Man was he proud. We decided that the frogs needed to have some water. And there was a place in the bug house that looked like it was just perfect to hold a little water. But how were we going to get the water in without letting the frogs out?

Well, my creative Aunt Sharon thought it would be a great idea to open the "trap door" instead of opening the whole thing and flick a piece of ice into the little well. I agreed this was a good idea so I did it. As soon as the ice was in place, one of the frogs hopped over. He jumped right onto the piece of ice and guess what? Ever seen A CHRISTMAS STORY? You know the one with Ralphie? You know the part where the little boy gets his tongue stuck on the pole? Well... poor little froggy got his hiney stuck to the ice cube!!! He hopped on, but couldn't hop off!!

I ran to the drawer and grabbed a medicine dropper and quickly filled it with some water. Squirted it on the ice and the frog and Aunt Sharon flicked the frog off. He was okay. A little stunned and cold perhaps, but okay. We won't be trying that again anytime soon.

Sadly, we will be releasing all 4 frogs back into the wild very soon. I just keep hearing some song in the back of my mind. Singing... Who let the frogs out? Who? Who?


Anonymous said...

That was so funny, a frog stuck to a piece of ice imagine that!!! The whole bug habitat looks really neat.

Rae said...

JK has been looking for bugs around here too! He keeps asking me "Where's bugs?" as he holds his bug magnifying tool. I tell him "It's too cold for bugs because it's winter." He shakes his head and says, "No cold winter! I want bugs!!!" Ick!!

Keisha said...

LOL!! Poor little froggy! I think he/she might have gotten frost bite! LOL!!
My little man loves all creepy crawlers too.. but, I don't mind as long as it's not a spider or a snake! EKK!

He And Me + 3 said...

That is hysterical. Who let the frogs out, Ralphie...OMGosh too funny! Poor little guy:)

Jennifer said...


Davisix said...

Waaahhaaaaahaaaaa....that is hysterical! Poor frog's hiney. That had to hurt!!!

Sandy Toes said...

How son would love that!
-sandy toes

Amanda said...

A frog is just about the ONLY outdoor animal I will hold..touch...not scream if the kids see. And where do you live that you can just go outside and find frogs? If I were to find frogs outside here they would be frozen in ice like cavemen or something. Its cold here. So therefore, I just assume its cold everywhere.

God bless-

*Keli* said...

BWWWAAAAAAAA hahahahah This has to be one of the funniest stories ever! I see Readers Digest in your future! hee hee! Send it in! xo Keli

Kim Layton said...

Well, I can't even believe that happened! I would hate to be a frog around your house! :)

Mom2three said...

This is too funny! Our boys, especially when they were little, LOVE bringing in creatures. I'll have to share this with them! While I feel for the frog (I happen to think frogs are cute), I can see this happening in our house. Thanks for sharing!