Monday, January 12, 2009

My New Year's Resolution...Kinda

So, we are well into the new year...2009. My time really does fly!! And every year, I, as many of you, think about the past year. Some things I would love to change, some I wouldn't, what I did right/wrong, what I can do better... And this year I decided that I'm not making any resolutions. They always just beg to be broken anyway. I decided to do something different. Now I know what a resolution's an intention, a firm intention to do something. I need more than that. Part of this past year has been about not being mediocre in the things that I do, so... it just didn't seem like enough. This year I decided to make some new year commitments. Those don't sound so easy to get out of, not so easily broken. After all, you make a commitment then people start expecting something from you... So here are the most important things that I am committing to this year...

*I am committed to knowing the Lord in a deeper way. More time in His Word, more time in prayer, more time recognizing His voice. Whatever it takes.

*I am committed to knowing more scripture. I know some, but not nearly enough. I want those verses so deep in my heart that I can call them to memory in a moments notice.

*And I am committed to making my relationships count. Being purposeful in every action, every word. Not being so concerned with the number of friends...but with the content and the quality of our friendship. Making sure that those that I love know it.

So there it is...right out there for everyone to see...makes it a little harder to take back, doesn't it?


Sandy Toes said...

Great "kinda" resolutions...I hope to do some of those too...Last year, I tried to memorize scripture..but my mind is PURE just want to read and study the Word but the memory part stresses me out!
-sandy toe
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Anonymous said...

Great resolutions Ashley! I want to learn a lot more scripture than what I know now!

He And Me + 3 said...

I don't make resolutions either, but my goal for this year is to draw closer to the Lord on a daily basis...through prayer, praise & Bible study. Great list, I think they are all awesome!

Amanda said...

You are right on with all of those... you have picked out exactly what we should ALL be focusing on!!!

Many blessings-

The Thompson's said...

You will do it and I know it! Best of all your going about it the right way. Instead of making a resolution, your making a public profession of your committment to make these changes. That is admirable. We are behind you in all that you do Ash.

By the way my wife and I started the couples study on Fireproofing your marriage. Gives us an other great reason to have a great bible study together.

Love and Prayers,


Davisix said...

Great commitments Sister! I'm right there with you. Wish we lived closer so we could have Bible study or even readings together. And for the record...I know you love me. :) And I love you! xox Ang

Aimee said...

smile on my face seeing you post...I have missed you...:-)

Jessica said...

Those are some great resolutions. I am right there with you, my knowledge of the scriptures is much weeker though I'd bet. I just love goals and people who try to better themselves, way to go! LOVE the family photo w/ the bus.