Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Snow Bowl

We left this morning and headed out for Pemaquid Lighthouse. Let me just say that this morning the wind had really picked up and it was BEYOND cold!! I had to wrap my scarf around my face and pull the hood of my jacket over my hat and zip ALL the way up!! Freezing! The lighthouse itself was small, but the scenery around it was big...and beautiful!

Once we were done there we went over to Fort William Henry. Not really sure of all the history there..some locals told us that the pilgrims actually landed there before they headed to Plymouth Rock, but I haven't verified that! Again, nothing really impressive about the fort itself, but its surroundings were gorgeous!

Back in the truck to head to Camden's Snow Bowl! On the way we made a quick stop in Rockland at the Park Street Grille. YUMMO!!! It was very good! But the Snow Bowl...WOW! It was a huge hill (calling it a hill doesn't adequately describe it though!!) that you had to drag your tube up. And it was quite a haul, let me tell ya! We were all breathing like we had just done a marathon! But the trip down made it all worth it!! It was sooo much fun!

Enjoy the pics from today in this post and the next! (Supposed to snow tomorrow about 4 to 6 inches!!!)


Lisa said...

WOW - Those pictures are beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing. I enjoyed sightseeing :)

He And Me + 3 said...

I have to agree with Lisa, these pictures are very beautiful! Gorgeous!

Elaine said...


I am finally caught up on your blog. Oh my the photos are all so beautiful. It looks like you are having a wonderful time. I am so happy for you and feel so blessed you are sharing this with all of us.

Davisix said...

Man oh man that camera ROCKS! Of course, it doesn't hurt that the scenery is amazingly breathtaking! I know I said that yesterday...but that's what it is! So glad you're have a good time. Miss you! xoxox Ang

Christy Ward said...

Wow!! Beautiful pictures! It looks like ya'll are having a great time.

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

wow, amazing photos!