Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July Fireworks

So last night we took our besties and our three kids to the fireworks downtown.  None of my children had ever been before because we always had at least one that would not be able to stay up late enough to see them.  We decided that now we could and I must say that secretly I was very excited about seeing my kids faces watching the fireworks.  Now I also must remind you that I do live in a three ring circus so...we arrived downtown early to find a good parking space and to stake our claim on a great spot to see the festivities.  As we started to walk down the streets seeing all the vendors selling their tasty treats and goodies I got more and more excited.  And things were going well.  No one was crying or having a tantrum.  No one was complaining about having to hold our hands or drawing attention to themselves in any way which is always a great relief.  Once we got our ice creams and made it back to our great spot the kids were running around and playing, having a great time.  Wyatt (age 3, almost 4) and Mallory (age 2) had been chasing each other for a good 30 to 45 minutes when I noticed that Mallory no longer had on her glasses.  I asked my 2 year old what she had done with them.  She proudly pointed out that she had dropped them down a hole in something that was covering up what my hubby said looked like some gas valve.  She was all smiles.  My man was not.  Have I mentioned that it is also very hot outside?  So he did save the glasses and promptly put them back on the 2 yr old and instructed her not to take them off again.  2 yr old looks at him and grins.  Besties parents come and spread their blanket out in front of us.  On their blanket is a basket full of snacks.  My children, not really knowing these people, go sit on their blanket and begin to eat all of their food and drink their drinks.  Then finally the fireworks begin.  All appears to be going well and then my 3 yr old decides that the noise is too loud and begins to make some noise of his own.  My husband finally tells him to stick his fingers in his ears.  This seems to make everything better except now the 3 yr old can't hear himself talk and begins to speak louder than the fireworks themselves.  He also repeats the word "awesome" at least 60 times.  Meanwhile my 7yr old is sprawled out on the parents blanket appearing to be asleep and the 2 yr old is running around, not really paying attention to the fireworks at all.  Slight disappointment for me, seeing as that I was all excited for them.  But isn't that the way it normally goes?...

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