Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Rainy Afternoon

So yesterday afternoon it was storming.  My very smart hubby suggested that we all go to the movies to see WALL-E.  I quickly said yes, not really thinking it through.  Only 2 of our children have ever been to the movies before.  Our just turned 2 yr old has never been, and there is a reason for that.  So off we went, and I was really excited that finally all of us were going to be able to go to the movies together.  After we found our seats Frank went to go get the snacks along with Mallory.  Wyatt was full of questions as we watched the previews (which is my hubbys favorite part that he was missing because we were late) and Jackson thought he was Mr Cool because Frank had let him wear his sunglasses into the movie theater.  Even though it was dark, he still had them on.  The movie started and everyone settled in.  Mallory was in my lap holding her pink blanket, glued to the screen.  She and Wyatt were sharing the Reese's pieces nicely and Jack and Dad were sharing their popcorn nicely.  But, eventually the candy ran out.  Down hops Mallory to go check out what the others have.  Once she is no longer satisfied with their goodies, she makes her way back down to me.  And back and forth we go.  Wyatt decided he wants to join in the fun too.  But he decides that trying to find more candy on the floor is a better idea.  With about 40min left of the movie, Mallory being bored, thought the time right for singing.  Loudly.  She sang her A B C's and then moved on to DeekaWi (translation Deep and Wide).  At this point my husband (whose idea this was in the first place) could take no more and he grabbed the said child and took her out.  This left me with the 2 boys.  We lacked about 7min before the movie was over and both boys declared with a loud voice that they needed to go to the bathroom!  Needless to say, our first movie experience with every member of our family present was not exactly what I thought it would be.  So once at home and the kids start to go to bed, I begin to look for Mallory's pink blankie.  You know, the one that she can't live without and no other will do!  Guess where it was.  You got it!!  At the movies.  Off Frank goes to retrieve it from the theater.  Meanwhile, my daughter is crying herself to sleep because she doesn't have the "right" blankie.  By the time husband returns with the sacred blanket, little one is asleep.  Good thing too.  Frank had to fish it out of the dumpster behind the movie theater!  Guess we won't be going on another family movie outing for quite some time!

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Emily said...

Ok, so you have a dog on the way? What?
And do I get a prize for being the first to comment on your blog?