Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Morning Joe

I am NOT a coffee snob.  But, I do love coffee.  All coffee.  I love to try lots of different kinds of coffees.  I love to go out with my beloved friends to quaint coffee places here in town (we do have a couple) and when we are out of town.  I love to try new blends and flavors.  In fact, coffee or the thought thereof is truly just about the only thing that really gets me out of bed in the morning...really...I'm not kidding.  And before I was trying to limit my intake of sugar so as to decrease the size of my behind, I drank way too much of it in the morning.  Because the only way I will drink my coffee is with splenda and creamer, lots of creamer, flavored creamer.  My hubby hates it that way.  Anyway, all that basically to say that I am usually drinking my very large cup of loved juice on the way to wherever I am going in the morning.  In my plight to decrease the size of my backside, 3 of those mornings are spent going to where I affectionately have come to call the torture chamber aka the gym.  Now I do have common sense, really I do.  So here's a little tidbit for you all...don't down the majority of your large beloved coffee right before you enter the gym.  The two really don't mix all that well!

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