Monday, July 28, 2008

New Addition

I know, you don't have to say it.  Like I really needed just one more thing in my life to manage. But...we do have a new addition to the circus.  We got him on Friday.  He is a 6 week old English Springer Spaniel and his name is Notch.  He is sooo cute.  And he has a very cute personality to match.  He fits our circus perfectly!!  The kids all love him.  I have to remind them that he thinks their hands and toes are toys so he may frequently chew on them.   They love to start running so that he will chase them so they can watch him bounce behind them.  Zoey basically ignores him, but 
he sure does like to follow her around.  Frank and I are going to
have to consider changing his name to Rotten though.  He is already spoiled rotten.   We are trying the crate.  Absolutely when we are not here.  As a matter of fact, when we left for church last night we put him in the one we borrowed from my beloved sis.  Now this crate is made of a combo of mesh and a canvas material.  It's really meant for small dogs, but we figured it would do for the puppy training.  He hates it.  So much so in fact that he clawed and chewed his way out!!  He was a free agent when we got home.  Thankfully for his sake, that was the only thing that he had  clawed and chewed.  The other thing is that at night(now I
already know what you are gonna say so don't bother) he hollers and screams and howls so bad that...yes we did...we just put him in our bed!!  And he sleeps all night.  And we don't have to take him out.  And my sleep is very important.  Literally, the moment his little paws touch the mattress, he falls asleep.  This rule also applies during the day as well!  But he is very cute and he's a keeper.  I'm sure we will get many, many stories out of this little guy.  So stay tuned!

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Heather @ Home said...

I had to to do the same thing with my child...put him in the bed with me, that is! :) Thanks for the encouraging comment you left on my weight loss entry!