Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Does anyone know what time it is?

So, here is a couple of snapshots from this morning.  They were actually having a good time with each other even though Jack wasn't smiling.  Let me give you a run down of my morning so far:
There has been 2 bowls of cereal eaten, 2 glasses of milk downed, 3 cups of coffee drank (not all consumed by me thank you very much!), 4 sets of teeth brushed, 2 packs of fruit snacks eaten(don't ask/don't tell rule applies here), 2 people completely dressed, 3 beds made, 2 loads of laundry started, 1 fruit smoothie made, 1 Bible study done(not mine haha), 1 dog let out to potty and let back inside to eat what kids dropped on floor, and 3 costume changes as noted  from the above picture of children that were awake. "Awake?" (you ask me this in a startled and questioning voice) "Yes" I answer.  Mallory is still asleep because it is only 7:45am!!!!


stephanie said...

Busy mornin' huh?

Emily said...

Bless You. Mine slept (all three) till 9:20 this morning. Not that I'm rubbing it in. I got a shower and cleaned a bathroom all before the troops arose!