Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Love Dare Day 24

Well, I have decided to take a break from watching the TV. Don't worry though, I will go right back to it when I am finished blogging tonight. Which may be a while... It's okay though. Remember I told ya'll that Frank was out of town ALL week on a pheasant hunting trip? So, I don't have to divide my time :) The only part I like about him being gone...

Why is it that many times we are never satisfied with what we have? Is it that what we have is bad? Is there something better over there? This being dissatisfied, it's not anything new. It goes all the way back to the garden.
Look at Adam and Eve. What more could anyone possibly want for? I mean, they lived in a beautiful garden with crystal clear waters. They had plenty of food that they didn't even have to work for. And they had God Himself walking with them everyday!! Plus, they got to run around naked for crying out loud!!!! Was this enough for them?? Sadly, not even for them.
Most of us can say that we need for nothing. Yet, we set our hearts and eyes so often on worldly things. We try to meet legitimate needs in illegitimate ways!!!
We lust after so many things. And I don't just mean for us to think of "lust" in the way that we normally would. We can lust after anything, whether it be person, places or things. We see what our friends have and suddenly we need it too. Then we think that we won't be happy without it and make the decision to go for it.
Lusting simply means to set our hearts on something that is forbidden. And that's the first step to falling away from fellowship with the Lord and each other. What is really gets down too is that lust is a misguided thirst for satisfaction that only God can fill. Lust should be a signal that we are not filled with God's love.
I John 2:15 says Do not love the world nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.
I gotta say, I really don't know of any areas of lust I have. At times I allow myself to be distracted with what I want over the things of the Lord. And I think that is the real issue. That AND learning the true difference between a want and a need. Learning to train my focus on Him and His desires and replace those with my own is not an easy thing to do. I understand how it has an affect on my marriage, too. I can't focus on Frank's needs if I am busy thinking about my own.


Davisix said...

I was walking through Target the other day and was thinking of all the things I would like to buy to decorate our new home. Money is tight right now for us, as it is for so many. I had to stop and think about what is important. I still have no living room furniture, nor do I have a table for our eat-in kitchen, but I have a Father's love, a happy healthy family, a strong marriage, and that is what's most important. Those are the things my heart should lust for, not the awesome, cool and cute things I found at Target. :) Another great post!

CntryMomma said...

Okay, I am publically gonna remove my lust ... the fact you have 7 horses. *giggle* We are looking into one (or two?) We must talk.

Lovin' your entries.


Keli said...

Ok, first of all Ash - you always make me THINK. I have a big issue with wanting. I have made some changes in my life that are for the better and those changes are helping in the "wanting" department. God is all that I need and next in line would be Mr. Mom, my kids, happy family and I church that I love!!! All the other "stuff", I won't be taking with me anyway! Thanks Ash! xo