Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Two things to share with you today. One is that we had a picnic after church for our "care group" in Sunday school. (our class is pretty big so we have it broken down into groups so we can get to know each other better) We had the picnic at the church on our lovely playground. I was afraid after this weekend that it would be too cold to have anything outside, but the weather couldn't have been any better. It was about 63 degrees outside and we had a great time. After the kids had finished eating, my beloved Wyatt asked if he could go play. I told him sure and wiped his face and his hands (not really sure why I did that seeing as how I didn't bother to wipe them BEFORE he ate!!! Oh well!) A very few minutes later, Stephanie told me and Frank to look. Never a good sign by the way. Wyatt had gone into the little playhouse (which is open on 2 sides so you have a really clear view) and decided that was as good a place as any to pee. Yes, my son. Makes a mother proud. (see, this is what happens when you let little boys pee outside) I will confess that this is NOT the first time that one of my boys has peed at a Sunday school function... Gotta love Wyatt!

The other thing is of course I DVR-d 24 tonight!!!! That way I can just fast forward through the commercials!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!! The only thing that makes me sad is that I have to wait until January 11th for it to come back on again. And that Tony is playing a bad guy this time! Can I just say that Jack rocked the house tonight??! He is the man!! Anyway, I can't wait for the regular season to start. If you aren't a 24 fan, it isn't too late for you. Go rent the seasons that are out on dvd. Or better yet, buy them!!!! It is definitely a worth while investment. And the best part about that is NO COMMERCIALS!!

WOO HOO... Jack's back!!!


~*Mistee*~ said...

How awesome is the DVR?!?!?!? I wonder what I would do without mine!! ;)

Oh and I dont have any boys of my own so I can't relate to the pee pee incident, but it is not rare from hearing about it every where else! Who can blame him? You can only get away with it when you are young and cute!! :0)

Davisix said...

LOL....can so relate with the peeing thing. Always makes me laugh though....and SO proud!

I COMPLETELY forgot that 24 started last night...I am SO mad! I have never missed an episode since it started! Our Colts were playing so I was distracted. I wonder if they will play the first episode again?

Stacy C. said...

We also have care groups in SS. I think we have about 30 couples and around 50 kids. There's probably more though! And this is after we split into 2 classes!