Thursday, November 20, 2008

Love Dare Day 33

Well, I didn't post last night because my hubby asked me for a "afterthekidsgotobed" date.  Which meant I had to get a shower AND shave both legs in the same day!  Whew!!!  Dinner and a movie in front of the fire.  Sweet!!!

You remember that I said before that Frank and I are very different?  And I talked about the water issues?  Well, there's more.  He likes golf.  I don't.  I love all things horsey.  He does not!  He doesn't see the point in riding a horse when he has a perfectly good vehicle.  I would prefer that to be my primary source of transportation... if I just didn't have those kids!!

I love concerts, big concerts.  And I love being right smack dab in the middle of ALL the people.  Frank loathes being in big crowds like that.  I also love  going to football games.  And I don't want box seats either.  I want to be in with the crowd where I don't have to be civilized!  Frank would prefer the box seats.  There are many things that we differ on.  But there are also a lot of things that we have in common.

We both like to shop.  Although Frank usually likes to shop with a purpose, but we both enjoy it.  We both like the theater.  Both being in it and just watching.  We both like to sing.  Frank does it MUCH better though.  Music is a big deal to both of us.

Remember that line in Jerry McGuire where Tom Cruise said "You complete me!"  Well, while there is so much wrong with that line, there is also some truth to it.  We were meant as husband and wife to complete each other in a way.  Consider this verse from Ecclesiastes 4:9,10  "Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor.  For if either of them falls, the one will lift up his companion.  But woe to the one who falls when there is not another to lift him up".  We are supposed to HELP one another.  Not to just co-exist, but to multiply the effectiveness of one another.

Hmm... I am supposed to help Frank to be a more effective person.  Do I do that?  I would have to say a lot of times I don't.  My complaining or nagging or just bad attitude in general probably does not help him be very effective in a good way.

When we learn to accept the differences in one another, we can scoot right on by criticism  and go directly to helping and appreciating each other.  But some of us can't get past the differences.  We loose a lot of opportunities this way.  How effective our marriages are is based largely on how we work together.  How we complete each other.

Do we include each other in big decisions or do we make them on our own and inform our spouse?  Do we ask for their opinion and give it full weight?  Even if we disagree, we should respect each other enough to ask for their perspective and point of view.


I know that Frank is vital to my future success.  I can't do it without him.  I must include him in all decisions because I want him to be a part of what I am involved in.  I want him to care enough about me and what I feel led to be a part of to be a helper and an encourager.

I guess what I'm saying, Frank, is "You complete me..." (hehehe)


He And Me + 3 said...

That is a great post. I really liked this one. What great truths.

Sandy Toes said...

Such a great post...I think many couples are like this..we sure are!
-sandy toes

Elaine said...

I was laughing so hard when you said shower and shave both legs. I am so there with you on this one.

Great dare day....

Shannon said...

Good Love Dare stuff but I gotta admit I really laughed about the "shave both legs in same day". Hilarious!!! I understand.

Tammy said...

as always - another day of enjoying yor blog :) Love the "Christmas" music player too - cool stuff

Rae said...

Hey girl! Just saw your comment about the boredom post. I posted it last night and then went to give the baby a bath. While I was bathing him I was thinking about the post and I just didn't feel good about it. I started thinking it sounded a little snarky. Like I wasn't grateful for being so busy. Like I was complaining. Like I was saying "Look at me, I'm so great". The vibe and tone just wasn't right so I took it off. The problem is it went out to google reader, etc. I promise to have a post for tomorrow. My oldest is turning 10! Crazy stuff! Have a great night!!! I'm off to bed!

Davisix said...

YAY! Finally a Love Dare that's not too hard for me. :) We are thankfully pretty good in this department because we have always spent 24/7 together because we always been self employed and worked from home. It's a good thing.

I loved your honesty in this post. And I finally found something we don't have in common...I don't like big crowds either, I'm with Frank on this one. :) xoxo Ang