Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Are We In Philly?

I have noticed it lately.  Little glimpses.  Not all the time and not in big ways.  But it does give me hope.  It's brotherly love.  And it is much needed at this house.

I have noticed it in the way that Jackson has started to include Wyatt when he plays games.  Or when Wyatt goes to jump on the trampoline and always wants his big brother to come.  Or when Jackson lets Wyatt win when they are racing on their bikes so that Wyatt doesn't get upset at loosing. (Awww, how sweet)  Or the way Wyatt will tear out a page of the coloring book so that Mallory can color with him.

Little ways.  And it does my heart good.  I get so worn out sometimes from all the fighting and all the arguing.  I know that right now they are really too young to understand the value of loving their siblings.  But I want them to get it so badly.  I didn't have any brothers or sisters growing up and I longed for that relationship all the time.  That's why it was so important to me to have more than one child.

But there are days... Well, you know!

I am just glad that I see the little ways that they are starting to show each other kindness and love.  It almost feels like I'm living in Philadelphia...


Sandy Toes said...

I am with you...I was an only child! Sometimes as my kids argue..I just can't understand why?????But, they do love each other...I always tell them "Kindness starts with you!"

Great post!
-Sandy Toes

Aimee said...

What you are witnessing is an extention of good parenting. The hardest thing about parenting for me is consistency, all my mommy friends and I talk about this all the time...encouraging each other that it will pay off. It does eventually when you catch those far and in between "glimpses" it keeps us grounded and on the right track!

Keli said...

My kids are almost 9 years apart and they still argue! The 17 year old loves to pick at his little sister who is 9! Drives me nuts! And there's other times when he's taking her to Dairy Queen...She loves him for that! : )

You are a good mommy and that's awesome that you are seeing them changing and showing some love to each other!

Jennifer said...

I love the few moments when my kids play (nicely) together!!

Rissa Mendes said...

Thanks for your comment on my not me post... I wish I was the perfect weight!!! LOL

I take it you've seen fireproof and loved it... I got to see it a couple weeks ago with my parents, sister & brother... Love it & want to get the love dare book soon too.. Hopefully it will come out on DVD before christmas!! It would make a awesome christmas gift for several of my good friends here...

Well I better go hit the hey.. Oh yeah.. can i come visit so i can go horseback riding??? Its been several years since i've been and i've been dying to go again!!

Have a blessed night!