Monday, October 6, 2008

Spanish 101

So apparently Wyatt has been learning some espanol in his 3 yr old class at "school".  Today, he decided to give me a lesson while I was busy in the kitchen and he was sitting at the island coloring.

W: Mom, do you know what yellow says in Spanish?

ME: (not even looking up) What does yellow say?

W: Amarillo

Me: (still not looking up) Um hum.  That's great.

W: Mom, do you know what blue says in spanish?

ME: What?

W: Azul

ME: (yet not looking again) Good, buddy.

W: Mom, do you know what red says in spanish?

ME: No, what does it say?

W: rojo

ME: (still not looking...) Mmm hmmm.  You're so smart, Wy.

W: Mom, do you know what poopoo says in spanish?

ME: (okay now I'm looking at him)

W: doo-kee

Glad he is learning a second language...


Tonya said...

Hi there, Ashley! It's so nice to "meet" you! =-)

To answer your question, no, I've not yet seen the movie, FIREPROOF. I REALLY WANT TO, but haven't. We were invited to go with some friends on the night it opened here. Well, then another group of friends asked us to go. We told the 2nd group we couldn't because we'd made plans with the 1st. THEN, the 1st told us they remembered they had other plans and we agreed to reschedule. Turns out, we couldn't when they could so now EVERYONE here has seen it EXCEPT US. That's way TOO MUCH info, I know. HAAHAHA! I'm notorious for talking too much!

Now, did I "hear" you say that your husband was IN the movie? Did I also read that you said you were invited to go and meet the cast? How COOL is THAT??? Do you go to church there? (The one that keeps making these movies?) WAAAYYY COOL!

Celine said...

That's priceless!

stephanie said...

I love Wyatt so much!!! :)

Janine said...

HIlARIOUS!!!! I love it!

Weeksie50 said...

That is to funny...
TFS an afternoon laugh..