Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tag!! I'm It!!

I've been tagged by one of my great new bloggy friends over at Shell In Your Pocket!! So, go check her out! This is a very different kind of tag in which I am supposed to tell you 3 things that I like about myself. You would think it shouldn't be that hard since I am pretty cool and all *grin*, but I did have to think about it for a little bit. Anyway, here goes nothing!!

*I love being a "horsey" person.

*I am a very loyal friend

*And I throw a mean party!!!

Okay, whew!! Now, let's see... I tag Emily, Kate, and Ang!! *smiling* I only do this to those I love :)


Sandy Toes said...

Very good!!! How fun...Congrats on the award..I love your blog!!!

You seem to throw great parties!!!!!
-Sandy toes

Davisix said...

While I SO am excited to have been tagged by you....and I really am....the link used with my name takes you to some foreign speaking blog. LOL!! I tried to just get "davisix" when I first signed up but it was taken, apparently by a spanish speaking person. Mine is too long and I wish I could change it, but can't. Ang :)