Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Okay, just a reminder that the FIREPROOF MY MARRIAGE conference begins THIS Saturday. You should make every attempt to attend. And even if you don't live near here, you can still check and see if another church close to you will be hosting the simulcast. You can go here or here to get information about it. I know that it is an all day event, but the time invested will give you more of a return than you can imagine. If money is the issue, please don't let that stop you. Just get with me before you make that decision. ( If you are planning on traveling here, please let me know. I would LOVE to be able to see some of you! Let's put football aside for once and put our marriages and God first!


Sandy Toes said...

Wow...I will check that out!!
-sandy toes

Tonya said...

Hey there, FRIEND!

I wanted to say THANKS SO MUCH for celebrating Brent's life with us. You've been such a sweet source of encouragement. I seriously can't say what that means to me.

Now, about your church - MAN, I SO WISH we could go there this weekend. I'll be praying for MIRACLES in the marriages of those that attend.


He And Me + 3 said...

That is just awesome! Wow! I so wish I lived in your area!

Anonymous said...

This is so cool, we actually have the capabiility to host simulcast but we are not doing this one, we are doing focus on your marriage in Feb. with Gary Smalley. We just didn't have enough time to get it together in time but would love to go through it.