Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall Social 2008

Tonight we had our annual Fall Social for our Sunday School class. It is our 4th year hosting it out here and even though it takes some planning and some work, I love it!!! I LOVE having parties out here. I think the total number of people here, including kids was about 115. I haven't gone back and counted from the sign-up sheet yet! We had the big dinosaur bouncy house, went on 3 hayrides through the cow fields so the kids could see them up close, fed the horses some carrots and apples (they look forward to this party too!), had a big spread of food, the kids played in the sand pile, jumped on the trampoline and played on the playset. The adults had fun too visiting with each other and eating, and enjoying the great weather!! It was awesome. I couldn't have done it all without my BFF though. They always come early to help set up and stay late to help clean up. Ry and Stephers... we love you very much!

And my husband did a FABULOUS job cooking. Normally my FIL does it but he had surgery on Wednesday for his shoulder so he was out!! My husband and Ryan cut up app 120 chicken quarters and cleaned them. They were cooked on FIL's huge rotisserie and then hubby cooked I don't even know how many fried chicken strips for the kids and a TON of french fries in the big fryer! He also got the trailer ready and loaded with hay for the kids to have a ride and put up with me and the way that I like to have things done *wink wink* . He was great and I love you very much honey!! (whenever you are allowed to read this you will appreciate it)

So a fun time was had by all. We even had a small little "party after the party" with some of our most favorite friends!! Got to sit around inside where it was nice and warm and hang out for a while. Some pictures are below. I didn't take that many because... well, I was kind of busy!

2 of my most favorite friends Elizabeth and Julie

Mallory with her "boyfriend" Alex (belongs to Julie)

My BFF Stephanie (aka Stephers)

A few of the peeps at the party

The big dino bounce house


He And Me + 3 said...

What an awesome time! You really do know how to throw a good party! I want to live near you!

Davisix said...

Looks like an awwwwesome, fun, good-time-had-by-all party. Where in GA are you? We just moved to Seneca, SC. Didn't know if you were in northern GA. E-mail me if you want. Ang:)