Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jack's Back

I am soooo excited that Jack is back!  This is probably my favorite show and I was deeply saddened when there was talk of no 24.  Happily, I and many others can get ready to watch!!


Amy Lynn said...

Oh how I love me some 24!! If I am ever in need of a body guard, Jack is my number one pick. :)

Ashley Griffin said...

for everyone that left a comment on blessed 24...i'm sorry, i hit the wrong button and deleted your comments...but I loved them! i am glad that i am not alone in my love for jack!

Mom To Six said...


I love JACK...but I am a HUMONGOUS Kiefer Sutherland fan! I am counting down the days till 24 is back on.

We even have a puppy named Kiefer. :)



PS Feel free to copy my Palin sign from my blog. Not sure where I got it.