Saturday, October 25, 2008

My First Bloggy Award

My sweet friend JL over at Southern Sassiness just gave me this award! Never had one before! And I have to say... it made me smile very big when I saw that she had picked me! So thanks, Jerri Lyn!! She was actually one of the very first blogs that I added to my list. So go check her out!

I am passing this along to other ladies that always have stories that make me laugh, gives great tips, and touches my heart!

The Accidental Traveler (Kate) you always inspire me...

Davisix (Ang) I love adoption... and I need a fellow horse-lover!

Dream.Imagine.Live (Keli) you always make me laugh... need I say G string???

Three Girl Mama (Emily) because I DO love adoption and I DO love you guys!! (check out both of her links please :)

Now, pass on the goodness!!


He And Me + 3 said...

Congrats on your award. You do deserve it...I love to read your blog too. You are very insightful and fun to read. I love your header too. When ever I take all three kids out alone I always say "We are the travelling 3 ring circus"!

Jennifer said...

Yay congrats!!!

Davisix said...

LOL, my link on this post takes you to the same spanish speaking site. :) hehehehe

Keli said...

Well congratulations Lady on this award!! I love your blog...and to you and all who is reading...I'm sooo behind on posting comments on your blogs and I'm so sorry! I'm going to catch up this week!

Thanks Ash, for passing me that award! Have a great day!