Monday, October 13, 2008

More Pictures from Tyson Steele

That is a hippo we are in front of!!  Look at those teeth!

The horn on the rhino was enormous!

The alligator has a fish in its mouth

There are rattlesnakes and moccasins  around the gator along with the wild hog over on the side!

Buffalo and a wolf and some other kind of cat beside the wolf.

Check out the cheetah attacking the antelope (or whatever it is)


Janine said...

SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! Ashley! You look so good in your new pictures!!! I wanna brag on you! Your kiddos are precious! Today I found a picture of Mrs.Warfels class lol and we were all striking the rapper I can't believe I still have that. It really is a funny picture! Keep up the good work you really do look great! Later

Emily said...

FUN! Pictures do not do that place's AMAZING! If you live anywhere close, you should take your kids!

Misty Rice-Baniewicz said...

Thanks for stopping by. You have a beautiful family. What is JD? LOL

Also, I was totally kidding about stressing out on the "blogging" thing. Ha! Ha!

Stop by again sometime and love the horse.

Stay strong ...was reading your other blog. I can imagine how frustrating and hard that is.

I have the oposite problem and it is just as hard and stressful to me. That is keeping wait on to not look too skinny or sick. My husband and I get into arguments sometimes, because I feel like I can never be "full" enough for him. And he tells me to not get to skinny. That to me is as frustrating to hear than someones having to hear from their husbands, don't get to big. You know what I mean?

I started the gym today too and maybe I will start another blog and do a journal of my changes as I go too. I have a goal in mind. Thanks for the idea.