Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

Tonight was our first time trick or treating. I know, unAmerican. But we don't have a "neighborhood" out here where we live and my parents old neighborhood before they moved was not exactly trick or treatable. Most of the time we just stuck to fall festival from the church (now what we call CANDYFEST at our current church. Outreach done for the community in which we have app 6 to 7 thousand people in attendance!) But last year my parents moved to a fabulous new house in a great location and we have some friends that live just around the corner from them. So a few of us got together and went together. Our friend C had a trailer-complete with Christmas lights on it- and we loaded all the kids up. My children had a great time.

Two VERY important lessons I learned tonight and I feel compelled to share them with you so that you won't make the same mistakes as I did. I love you that much! The first is... never wait until the hour before you are going trick or treat to try on a costume. You can't really tell in the pictures below, but Jackson's costume was about 3 sizes too small. What should have gone all the way to his ankles looked like a bad version of a capri jumpsuit. It came to about mid-calf. Not to mention it was too tight in the hiney too. Total wedgie! The good thing was that he didn't even notice. He still thought he looked cool. And that's all that really matters, right?

The second thing was while we were all piled into the trailer, some of us began to notice a terrible stench. Dog poop. Very strong smelling doggie poo. Of course all night I checked my kids pants and their shoes. They were clean so I just kept thinking that someone had stepped in it and it must be on the hay in the trailer. When we got in the car to go back to my parents the smell was still there. I told Frank to turn the light on and I picked up MY shoe. Oh yeh... All over my shoe. How I missed stepping in that I don't know. Because it looked like I should have been knee deep in poop somewhere OR the dog should have still been attached to my leg. Anyway, not only should you check your kids shoes when someone smells poop... check your own too!

Enjoy the pictures!!


Davisix said...

Laughed right out loud! Poor Jackson in his hiney squeezin', capri-lookin' costume. Oh sweet memories! Great pics!! :) Ang

He And Me + 3 said...

Cute pics. They looks so cute! Love those apple teeth too. Very funny and creative.

Elaine said...

This was too funny. I had the opposite problem last year, my daughters costume was too big. Laughed very hard over the dog poop. Cute photos.

Jennifer said...

man, I haven't had wax teeth in years.

Anonymous said...

Great pics you had me laughing.